is an application developed according to specific customer’s requirements. In this case the customer is the one who decides what functionality will be implemented and in which way the application will be enhanced later.

  • Do you do some tasks quite often and a Macro (e.g. mapkey in Creo) is not enough?
  • Do you need to run another application as a part of your specific process??
  • Do you enter manually data from files stored in a format your application does not understand?

If YES, what to do?

  • Decide what is the goal of the project
  • Write down a basic functionality (preferably in English). This should include an environment the application should work in (i.e. operation system, version of Creo, Windchill or any other software the application is required to be integrated with, etc.).
  • Send the brief specification to us (preferably per email).
  • You will be contacted by one of our employees who is responsible for custom automation projects.
  • If all required functionalities are clear, a detailed specification will be prepared. This can be done by you or it could be done by one of our employees who understands given problems.
  • When the specification is accepted by both sides (you as a customer and us as a supplier) the development of the project starts. During this phase some parts of the application might be corrected so that the final application fits exactly specified needs.
  • Just before the delivery the application is tested by our employees and might be tested by you as well.
  • The final step is to implement the application for usage.