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COGRAS spol. s r.o.

The company COGRAS spol. s r. o. was established in 1991 in Přerov with the aim to bring the most modern and advanced CAD/CAM technology – the system Pro/ENGINEER from the company PARAMETRIC TECHNOLOGY Corp. (PTC) – to Czechoslovak companies. Our cooperation with the German company ISICAD GmbH Ellwangen in distribution and promotion of the first inland users of Pro/ENGINEER brought the establishment of it`s Czech branch – ISICAD s.r.o. Přerov. The German company ISICAD GmbH merged with the Canadian company RAND A Technology Corp. which was the biggest world reseller of CAD/CAM technologies operationg under the trademark RAND TECHNOLOGIES and later RAND Worldwide. Our company was transformed into RAND TECHNOLOGIES a.s. Přerov in 2001.

The decision of the company RAND Worldwide to terminate all activities connected with PTC products in Eastern Europe and our effort to keep the continuity of technical support of Pro/ENGINEER for the Czech users brought the re-birth of the company COGRAS on April 1, 2004.

COGRAS spol. s r. o. was authorized (with approval of the company PTC) to sell PTC products to former customers of the company RAND Czech republic, i.e. PTC product lines including especially Pro/ENGINEER, Pro/MECHANICA and Pro/INTRALINK technologies, and PLM Windchill Link Solutions technologies. For more information see

Activities of our programmers are focused on development of additional products to the system Pro/ENGINEER (e.g. 3D Caliper, AutomationGATEWAY, iLOAD, iCHECK, iBRIDGE, AdvancedTEXT) and the implementation of users applications projects for the system Pro/ENGINEER according to customer’s specification with the help of developed tools (e.g. Pro/TOOLKIT, Pro/INTRALINK-TOOLKIT, JAVA etc.)
On October 28, 2010 PTC has introduced new design software called Creo™, which is proposed as scalable set of interoperable, open and easy-to-use applications for product development and design. In contrast to current CAD solutions, Creo™ is designed with clear goal to set peristing problems right, which have been bothering CAD users for decades.

Our business activities

  • providing software (selling finished programs on basis of contract with the authors, or development of custom-made programs)
  • purchase of goods for the purpose of further sale
  • intermediation on the field of computer technology
  • consulting services on the field of computer technology
  • arrangement of technical courses, trainings and other educational actions including instructing activities
  • preparation and working-out of technical drafts (construction and development activities)
  • Repeatable, end-to-end process support and automation speeds time-to-market and reduces development cost
  • Secure, industry-standard Internet architecture delivers a safe, high-performing technology platform

Creo, Windchill, MathCAD, ThingWorx, KeyShot