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CL-DATA created in Creo for realization of individual technological steps at the production of your products must be converted into the control system code of your NC machines without mistakes. That's why reliable postprocessors are necessary, or better said, configurations of generalized G-POST postprocessor, which is included in each technological Creo module.

The following details are required for successful solution:

  • Detailed instructions for programming of the control system (ISO/DIN programming)
  • Exact description of machine parameters (e.g. machine traverse, spindle speed, …)
  • Example of a mid-difficulty Creo  model for verification of postprocessors functionality

Since 1992 we supply postprocessors for all used types of milling (including five-axis milling, turning and mill/turn machining). Our postprocessors support also wire electric discharge machining in two and four axes.

The standard postprocessor supply includes not only configuration of your licensed generalized G-POST postprocessor, but also its verification on a concrete example directly on your NC machine.

created by Tomáš Loun