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Basic training for Creo users

The basic training leads beginners in the design using Creo. Users start with sketching to model simple solid parts, then continue with creation of drawings and finish with modeling of simple assemblies.


  • Creo Elements/Pro fundamentals
  • Pick & place features (chamfers, rounds, holes)
  • Sketcher mode (sketching, Intent Manager, dimensioning, modifications, constraints)
  • Basic features defined by a section (protrusion, cut) and their basic forms
  • Datums = helpful geometric features (datum plane, datum axis)
  • Simple modifications (delete, redefine, reorder, mirror)
  • Creo Elements/Pro file management - DBMS functions (save, save as, rename, erase, delete)
  • Basic creation of detailed drawings (format selection, views, detailing)
  • Advanced sketcher techniques
  • Further solid feature forms (sweeps and blends)
  • Feature management (insert, pattern, suppress, resume)
  • Parent/Child relationships between features
  • Layers and their usage
  • Springs with constant pitch (helical sweeps)
  • Cosmetic features (sketched, threads)
  • Creation of simple assemblies, placement constraints, exploded views


  • Experience in mechanical design is recommended

created by Tomáš Loun