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External Management of PTC Products Installations

Every Creo  installation requires periodic activity of a careful administrator. These are the most important duties of the administrator that make the work of users easier:

  • To maintain the company servers, users` workstations and computer network, especially to provide the uniformity of working environment for all users
  • To install needed new versions of operating systems, necessary patches or "service packs" in the server and workstations
  • To manage users` accounts in the server (i.e. to establish necessary new accounts, to cancel redundant accounts, to assign appropriate access permissions, etc.)
  • To have the overview of discs usage in the server, to ensure safe back-up of the company database and users` data (e.g. to DAT tape)
  • To maintain uniformed working environment in all workstations, i.e. to use the same version of application software (especially Creo and Windchill), the same software configurations, the usage of updated database of standardized parts, ...
  • In case of failure or well-adjusted user complaints of incorrect behavior of the workstation the administrator investigates the cause of the problem (hardware failure, incompatibility in the operating system, error in the application software etc.) and consults the problem with the supplier or service organization
  • The network administrator is obliged to monitor the network regularly in order to guarantee optimal functionality, reliable operation and prevention against unauthorized use

If you don't have a suitable employee in your company who could fulfill the above-mentioned tasks, we offer external administration of PTC products` installations that will ensure performance of the most important activities so that your users can fully concentrate on solution of their development, design or technological tasks.

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