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Better products. More products. Faster. At lower cost.

Whether you're a global conglomerate, a regional supplier, or a small service bureau, you face obstacles while trying to manage product content and development processes. Your company's success relies on having efficient business processes and effective development of complex information assets including product designs, service documentation, and regulatory submissions. Windchill, PTC's production-proven content and process management software, offers a solution. Fast, secure, and requiring only a Web browser to access, Windchill enables companies to streamline product development processes and deliver superior physical goods and information products.
Windchill Product Lifecycle Mangement


  • Single source of product information/content enables development efficiencies, reduces errors and rework
  • Complete product definition and collaboration capabilities expertly drive cross-enterprise understanding of information - regardless of source
  • Repeatable, end-to-end process support and automation speeds time-to-market and reduces development cost
  • Secure, industry-standard Internet architecture delivers a safe, high-performing technology platform
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What's new in Windchill 10.0

Windchill 10.0 is new major release of current verison 9.1. There is lot of improvements like brand new user interface, new functionalities and modules. At the same time a lot of additonal applications from PTC portfolio are now integrated into Windchill (like NetRegulus, Relex, Insight etc.).

There are now additonal integrated application for quality control area. They focus on collision checks in static and also dynamics models. There are major improvements in collision checks between mechanical and electric parts (MCAD and ECAD data). These checks are part of application Creo/View (ProductView successor).
Windchill parts

Main news and changes in Windchill 10 are in following areas:
  • User Interface – simple user interface allow users quickly perform their tasks.
  • AnyBOM – unique ability on PLM marker allows broader and deeper view over product structure. It integrates and strengthens processes of creating and managing any kind of BOM.
  • Product Analysis – eliminates isolated software solutions. Improves access to product attributes and manage processes, which ensures delivering product to customer in required configuration
  • Product Quality and Reliability Management – manage processes of quality control and also all tasks to ensure required product reliability with reference to all required regulations and specifications.
  • Improved Administration – optimalization of all tasks for IT department in area of Windchill administration and service.
Windchill part details

Windchill 10 significantly improves all main modules and functions including user interface. Also adds strong support for enhanced processes in quality control, MCAD – ECAD collaborations etc. Windchill modular architecture based on internet technologies and single database allows manufacturing companies of any size build PLM solution according to they needs with quarantine, that any future requests can be solved with new system settings or some additional Windchill module without changing whole PLM technology.

Windchill 10.0 abilities are highly beyond any basic PDM data management systems or some basic lifecycle management PLM systems. It is highly efficient system for complex product development process management.

“Windchill 10.0 represents a sea change in usability. The amount of user research that PTC did was prodigious and impressive. And clearly, they successfully applied what they had learned,” noted Steve Krug, usability expert and author of “Don’t Make Me Think – A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability.”

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