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Set of tools to simplify your work in Creo which contains : AutoSave, FOCUS Feature and FULL BACKUP

Price list

SUP-1020D-L DEMO licence
15 days evaluation

SUP-1020-L locked licence
time unlimited, fixed to local Ethernet (MAC) computer's address
199 €

SUP-1020-M10 multilicence
number of locked license is limited to 10 at given company site
899 €

SUP-2022-C corporate licence
Global corporate license for all its Creo seats at given comany name and address. The price of corporate license depends on number of its registered Creo license:
for companies using from 11 to 50 Creo licenses - 89 EUR per each Creo license
for companies using more than 51 Creo licenses - 79 EUR per each Creo license
on demand

1. AutoSave


Nastavení AutoSave AutoSave is a Pro/TOOLKIT application which checks periodically Creo objects in memory and saves changed ones with respect to user settings into working directory or workspace or only displays warning message.

Product Features

User can:
  • enable/disable this functionality
  • set time of period and set checked object types

Supported Creo versions

  • Creo Elements/Pro 5.0
  • Creo Parametric 1.0
  • Creo Parametric 2.0
  • Creo Parametric 3.0

2. FOCUS Feature


Focus Feature is a small utility for focusing and displaying solid features or components in Creo model. It enables you to use a new menu item called Focus in the RMB (Right Mouse Button) popup menu for a select


ed feature. When you click on this new menu item then the selected feature or component is focused in Creo window in current view orientation.

Product Features

One menu item enables to show model feature in a complicated model. You can focus assembly components, features in the model and features in the assembly.

The features include the following:
  • Solid features such as Extrude, Revolution, Cut, Round etc.
  • Datum features such as Datum planes, CSYS, Curves, Points, Axes etc.
  • Patterns
  • Groups
  • Patterned features
  • Group features
  • Surfaces
  • Copy geometry
FOCUS Feature works both in model tree and model window.

Product benefits

    Easy to use, one-click display of the feature in a complicated model
    End of difficult searching of small features in the model





The Full Backup application saves the current part, assembly or drawing to selected location.

The actual part is backed up with the same named drawing and also includes suppressed features. The actual assembly is backed up with the same named drawings and also includes suppressed components and its same named drawings. The actual drawing is backed upwith models with the same named drawings.

The standard function of the backup in Creo saves only active model (part or assembly) with the used components loaded in session. Our Full Backup application saves also suppressed components. Other user can resume components back. It is not possible in standard backup function.

Full BackupProduct Features

  • New menu item in File Menu, right under the Backup option
  • You can select target directory
  • It saves active model with all components, together with suppressed features and drawings

Differences between Creo backup and Full Backup

  • Saves also suppressed features
  • Saves the drawings together with the components. The drawings has to have same name as the component

created by Tomáš Loun